Saturday 30 January 2021

Porsche 911 (996, 997) cabriolet - fix rear wet carpets, seats by fixing convertible cabriolet roof (top)!

  One common but often overlooked problem with earlier 911 convertibles (or cabriolets) are bad drains.

If you have a cab, just go and check it now - it'll take a minute! Feel the back carpet behind the front seats - if it's dry, great! Now, lift up the rear seat cushions (mine were only held in by velcro) and feel again. If they're dry great again!

But if either one are wet, then you've got some problems to fix. Luckily in my case it was very easy, and very cheap.

First off, tilt your front seats forwards and remove the rear speaker covers - it's only 2 torx screws.

You'll see a little black plastic reservoir, with a small hole leading to the drain that goes outside the car. On this side, the reservoir had no water in it, but this black tubing had the far end (pointing to the back of the car) not connected to anything - no bueno. This should be the outlet for all the water that's drained off the back section of the convertible top.

Removed the tube, pretty clearly split in addition to being disconnected.

Local hardware store had some plastic tubing that matched the outer diameter of the damage drain tube.

Replaced the drain tube with new one. IMPORTANTLY make sure the back end of it connects to the roof drain!! I've circled it in yellow here. 

Now, on the other side of the car there was the same problem of the tube being disconnected from the roof drain at the back, but there was also a lot of water stagnating. Clearly the lower drain was also blocked. So, I replaceed the black drain tube with the new plastic tube as pictured, then went on to unblobk the lower drain.

Simply remove the rear wheel, then remove the plastic fender inner trim which is only held on by 3 plastic bolts. I've circled the lower drain exit here.

Erm..... it looks a little blocked up. I pulled all the gunk out, and a few litres of water gushed out.

Yep, all that water was building up in the lower drain.

Now, just replace everything, and congratulations - you've fixed your drain problem!

Blocked roof drains can cause a lot of issues mainly
  1. wet carpets, seats and then mould, stale smells etc
  2. damage to the electronics located under the front seats (stupid place to put them, but hey europeans, amirite?

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