Saturday 24 April 2021

Making progress - removing the serpentine belt and the engine runs fine!

 Thought I might try a few random experiments today - removed the airbox and serpentine belt (let it dangle underneath the car) and tried starting it up.

Guess what - engine runs perfectly with the belt disconnected!

And when I replaced the belt, back to stalling immediately and idling terribly.

All the pulleys and tensioners seem fine.

So it comes down to a component driven by the belt causing the problem

  1. water pump (unlikely? only replaced 2000km ago, mid 2020)
  2. alternator (seems most likely to me, i did change the regulator in it in 2018)
  3. power steering pump (hopefully not)
  4. airconditioner compressor (unlikely, as it freewheels and disengaged/not turned on)
Tomorrow will remove the alternator electrical harness at the back, and see if the car runs OK with the serpentine belt on, but alternator disconnected. If so, then further investigate the alternator, the regulator, and all electrical connections from alternator.

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