Monday 19 April 2021

Porsche 996 - continuing the saga of stalling and misfires. Replacing the fuel pump

Was psoting about these problems on FB, and Jake Raby thought it'd be worth changing out the fuel pump. Why not - pretty cheap part for $150 (non OEM) part.

Remove the battery and unbolt the battery plate to reveal the fuel pump cover.

Remove the locking ring (I used a rubber mallet and wooden stake), lift off the top plate and disconnect the two fuel lines (press in the little black tab) and remove the electrical connections.

Fuel level sender removed

Removing the old fuel pump was a little tricky - in theory, just grab it and rotate counterclockwise. Mine was stuck fast, I wrapped an old belt around it and yanked it counterclockwise to loosen it.

The new pump didn't come with any connecting pipes or connectors. I removed the swaged metal bands holding the original fuel lines in, and used new stainless fuel clips to lock them into place ont he new pump.

Reinstallation is pretty straightforward. Threw some fuel in and started the car up....

.... only a slight improvement. Car doesn't stall completely and die, revs hunt up and down, few pops from the left tailpipe.

More to come!

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