Saturday 17 July 2021

Major service complete - still stalling!

 Welcome to lockdown #5 in Victoria, thanks to Glady's royal f#ckup with NSW "gold standard" contact tracing and quarantine.

Anyway, done some minor work in the last few weeks.

Pulled both exhausts off in preparation to a major service - replacing spark plug tubes, spark plugs and coilpacks. Might as well polish the exhaust tips while mufflers are off. Easy to remove - 17mm bolts on the cross pipe, and 13mm bolts x3 holding the muffler on.

Polished with 400-3000 sandpaper, then an orange cutting pad and wool fine pad with metal polishing compound. Nice!

Pulled off the old coilpacks - very old 996 items, plus some pretty well used NGK spark plugs.

Spark plug tubes are a fiddly and annoying thing to remove. I made a little tool with a long bolt and washer to tug the spark plugs tubes out, also had a 1" boat plug with sandpaper wrapped around it. A combination of both tools was able to remove all the spark plug tubes.

A view through cyl 1.

New coils are a Beru coil, comes with new E10 bolts.

Bought some spark plug tubes from ebay delivered from USA, did take ages to arrive. Cheap though.

Finally, some Bosch FGR6KQE spark plugs

Installed tubes, spark plugs and coils. Fitted up the original heat shields, using some new spare M8 rivets to space the heatshield away from the new coil packs.

Started everything up - had a great super smooth idle for 2 minutes... then it stalled. Restarted and stalled again immediately.

Tomorrow.... smoke test the intake system looking for leaks. If that's good, then go back a step of two - swap in another battery, then byopass fuel pump relay and check again.  If still no good, will remove fuel injectors and check for any clogging (eg if the old old fuel lines are perishing internally and blocking up the injectors)

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