Sunday 25 July 2021

porsche 996.1 changing fuel filter

 So... I don't actually have a fuel pressure problem I think - the fuel pressure gauge shows 3.8bar with fuel pump on/engine off, holding at 2.8bar for hours after.

Anyway, I'd ordered a new fuel filter off amazon which should arrive tomorrow, so spent today getting thte old one off.

Since the car was already on jackstands, remove a bunch of 10mm plastic bolts to remove central undertray.

Fuel filter is here. Remove the bracket holding coolant pipes, disconnect ground wire to fuel filter. Squeeze and remove the clamps for the filter inlet and outlet - have a pan or something to catch the fuel.

Push the filter backwards and slide it out between the coolant pipes.

This old filter was manufactured March 2013.

This shows the colour of the fuel that came out of the filter - pretty black! Replacement is the opposite of removal as usual. I don't think this will solve my starting then stalling issue, but good to replace with a new filter anyway.

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